Awesome science fiction and fantasy round-up (Offworld Report: Saturday 28th May 2016).

Here are our picks of today’s best science fiction and fantasy news, features, reviews and articles off-world from SFcrowsnest . . .

Tom Hiddleston Reportedly In Talks To Be Next James Bond.

Every Single Pinky and the Brain Plan to Take Over the World, Ranked..

“What’s the Deal with Apocalypse and Marvel’s Celestials?” & More Unresolved Plots.

This Alarm Clock Wakes You Up with a Fresh Cup of Coffee.

ARROW Fans Hated The Season 4 Finale So Much That Its Subreddit Has Now Been Dedicated To DAREDEVIL.

Tom Cavanagh Confirmed To Be Returning As Series Regular For The Flash Season 3.

13 Terrifically Terrible Sci-Fi Movies to Watch on a Long Weekend.

Miles Morales Will Be The Focus Of Sony’s Animated SPIDER-MAN Movie In 2018.

I Wore a $400,000 F-35 Helmet and It Blew My Mind.

Celebrate Women Artists in Science Fiction and Fantasy at the Society of Illustrators!.

Benes’ “Batman” #1 Variant Cover Pits the Dark Knight against the Joker.

David Schwimmer and James Corden Have the Whitest Rap Battle Ever.

“X-Men: Apocalypse” Featurette Explores Quicksilver’s Show-Stealing Scene.

Dave Filoni Brings the Rebellion to Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016.

Olivia Munn Thinks Psylocke And Deadpool In A X-Force Movie Would Be Cool.

Dear Vox Machina: Ask Keyleth.

Grimtooth’s Traps are an Old-School Way to Cause D&D Chaos.

Unofficial Psycho Video Game Adaptation Gates Motel in Development.

For $10 A Night, You Can Stay in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Lair.

Author, author: What you need to know about the iconoclastic Harlan Ellison.

Dave Scheidt Talks the Peril and Pizza of the Upcoming “Slice”.

Watch Some Dude Eat 25-Year-Old Addams Family Cereal; Cause Why Not?!.

Who Won the Week Episode 27: X-Men: Apocalypse, DC Rebirth, and Captain America.

Netflix is Bringing us The Little Prince on August 5th!.

BB-8 Bicycle Wheel Decoration.

Banshee Co-Creator Jonathan Tropper says Goodbye to His ‘Labor of Love’ After 4 Seasons.

The Re(a)d Planet: 10 Short Stories about Mars.

Here’s How Chris Evans Feels About The Recent Captain America Comic Book Development.

Invasive Procedures (Not for the Squeamish).

TV Review: Supernatural 11.23 “Alpha and Omega” (Finale).

Retro Review: Blood Fever.

TV Review: Arrow 4.23 “Schism” (Finale).

Grant Gustin Says The Flash and Supergirl ‘Would Be a Good Match’.

News Round-up Week Ending 27 May 2016.

Star Trek Beyond Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures.

Star Wars: Bloodline by Claudia Gray.

10 Rock Songs Written About Horror Movies.

The Flash: Tom Cavanagh Will Be a Series Regular in Season 3.

Away from Home by Luo Longxiang (audio).

Twitter Really Wants Steve Rogers To Have A Boyfriend In Future ‘Captain America’ Movies.

The Phoenix Weekender Issue 229.

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