Almost Human… Lethal Weapon, Bladerunner style.

In new science fiction TV series Almost Human, Karl Urban plays a future cop in the LA Police Department reluctantly paired up with a Bladerunner-ish android called Dorian, played by Michael Irby. Sentient synthetic Dorian looks like a direct borrow on the Zeno character in Stephen Hunt’s Sliding Void space opera series (right down to the casting), but hey-ho… the FX and budget is impressive, let’s see how the storylines develop. So far, the series resembles Lethal Weapon set in a Bladerunner future. This puppy from Warner/Bad Robot and JJ Abrams could be a keeper.

Almost Human... Lethal Weapon, Bladerunner style.
Almost Human… Lethal Weapon, Bladerunner style.

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