Aliens Pulse Rifle – the Nerf version (gadget news).

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I want to introduce you to a little friend of mine … the Colonial Marines M41-A Pulse Rifle – Nerf edition!

This collectible Nerf dart rifle from the Aliens movie comes with over and under barrels for dual blasting.

Unleash a barrage of Elite darts with the motorised fly-wheel mechanism on top.

If the job requires more power, utilise the pump-action barrel on the bottom.

Also includes film-accurate blasting sounds with each trigger squeeze, as well as an electronic dart counter that counts down as you unload the magazine.

Get yours via https://uk.hasbropulse.com/products/nerf-lmtd-aliens-m41-a-blaster for the UK or https://hasbropulse.com/products/nerf-lmtd-aliens-m41-a-blaster for the USA.

Aliens Pulse Rifle - the Nerf version (gadget news).

Aliens Pulse Rifle – the Nerf version (gadget news).


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