After Earth Original Soundtrack by James Newton Howard (album review)

‘After Earth’ was one of those films that seemed to get lost in the summer mix. I’m sure it was successful in its own right and I always enjoy Will Smith and his son, Jaden, is being groomed as a star of the future.


However nothing about a father/son relationship dodging alien creatures on an abandoned planet Earth tickled my fancy. Unfortunately, the score is no different.

The soundtrack for this Smith family vehicle really is nothing special. It takes a long time to get going and it’s only 15 tracks in that you get a sense of action. Of course, by that stage, a lot of listeners will have been lost as at this point, it should be onto the second or third action score.

It’s a shame really as there is a lot that could be right with this soundtrack. The composer has a strong pedigree and it’s the score for a film featuring one of the most bankable actions around today as well as his heir.

Really not one to bother with, even if you’re a fan of the film.

Aidan Fortune

July 2013

(pub: Sony Classical 28 tracks, 57 minutes 1 CD. Price: $10.99 (US), £ 10.03 (UK). ASIN: B00CXG4A46)

check out website: www.sonymusic.com



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