Adam West (1928-2017) a remembrance by: GF Willmetts

Looking at Adam West’s IMdB entry, he might have had a long list of acting credits, he is probably best known as the first TV Batman in 1966-68, although prior to it he has also featured in the likes of ‘The Outer Limits’ (The Invisible Enemy’), ‘Robinson Crusoe On Mars’ (1964) and even ‘Bewitched; (‘Love Is Blind’) so he was hardly missing from our genre.

The fact that the ‘Batman’ series is still on TV across the world even today shows its ageless quality and something there for all ages. Whether to take seriously when young or getting the gags when older. On top of that, merchandise and comicbooks based on same has had a resurgence shows there is still a lot of love for this version. At least you can watch it with your kids.

It would be hard to see anyone else playing this version of Batman and playing it straight made for a perfect foil for the antics of the bat-villains. As I type this I decided to rewatch the 1966 ‘Batman’ film and even 54 years on it still holds together.

Adam West chose wisely to deadpan for the role. In some respects this probably typecast him but in America, lead actors only had to act as themselves only with more conviction.

There are few cast members of this series still alive today and certainly no one higher than Adam West himself. It might not have been serious but, by golly, it’s still fun today. You will be missed. Excuse me, I want to watch the end of the film. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.

GF Willmetts 2017

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