Actor Peter Wyngarde dies.

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Peter Wyngarde first hit stardom via his role in the spy-fi TV series Department S (1969). His character Jason King often got the girl and as she is about to kiss him, he manages to avoid it, much to the annoyance of co-actor Joel Fabiani. His character was spun off into a new spy-fi series called Jason King (1971).

Wyngarde also guested in television series such as The Avengers, The Saint, The Baron, The Champions and I Spy. He appeared in The Prisoner episode Checkmate as the boss Number Two.

Wyngarde appeared as the masked character Klytus in the 1980 Flash Gordon movie, and was in Doctor Who’s Planet of Fire episode (1984) and Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense in 1984.

Actor Peter Wyngarde dies.

Actor Peter Wyngarde dies.


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