A sluggish thing on the way to the Net – a fix by: GF Willmetts (article).

Lately, I’ve been finding my booting onto the Internet has been somewhat sluggish. I wasn’t the only one from something some of the people I know said without prompting. I automatically assumed that the Net was busy. After all, there’s a lot of people on and despite the signal being strong.

The IT Crowd: The Internet Is Coming (special).
The IT Crowd . . . they’ll sort you out!

Remember, the Net is a motorway so you’ve just hit busy traffic. Even is it works, there is also a tendency for a page not to link up. So, I came up with this solution. I can’t speak for all versions of Windows, but knows this works on W7. On the computer connection link, bottom left tool bar, you can do an electronic disconnect. Do so, wait a few second and then turn it back on. Chances are that everything will work for the length of time you then use. If it happens again, just repeat the process.

I found this restores pages when links appear to be missing, although you’ll have to use F5 to re-link the missing contents. That’s been fine until yesterday. I was looking at the left hand corner bar bottom, there is a flag symbol and a message that there was something wrong with Java, which is the underlying software for Net pages.

Dug a little deeper and found it was due for an update. Something I assumed was done automatically. Get through to the Java page through that way when on-line even if  I had one sluggish moment on it even then, and let it install its latest version v7. Just be careful not to select its choice of search bar, which you can untick if you don’t want to change your regular setting.

It’ll take a few minutes to download before uninstalling. Things suddenly went faster and up popped all the pages. Funny old world but if you’re having a similar problem, try updating your Java first.

Geoff Willmetts

August 2014

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