3 Body Problem: Aliens invade Netflix, and it’s not your average Sci-Fi TV show (trailer).

Get ready to dive into the cosmic conundrum of 3 Body Problem, the latest sci-fi TV series to hit Netflix, brought to you by the creators who gave us Game of Thrones. Yes, David Benioff, D. B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo have teamed up to adapt Liu Cixin’s mind-bending novel, The Three-Body Problem. Mark your calendars for March 21, 2024, folks – this is going to be a wild ride through time and space.

The series’ premise centers around Ye Wenjie, an astrophysicist who witnessed her father’s brutal murder during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Fast forward, and she’s conscripted into a secret military radar base. Little did she know that her decisions back in the ’60s would ripple across the cosmos, affecting a group of present-day scientists and humanity as a whole. Talk about long-term consequences!

The cast is a constellation of talent with Saamer Usmani as Raj Varma, Jess Hong as Jin Cheng, and Jovan Adepo as Saul Durand, among others. We’ve got Sea Shimooka playing Sophon and Benedict Wong in the role of Da Shi. Let’s not forget Rosalind Chao portraying present-day Ye Wenjie – an astrophysicist with a lot more on her plate than your average star gazer.

The production of this series started back in November 2021, shooting in picturesque locations across the United Kingdom and China. The show promises to be an ambitious blend of complex storytelling and jaw-dropping visuals – think Interstellar meets House of Cards, but with more aliens.

The Three-Body Problem novel, first published in 2008, isn’t just your average sci-fi read. It won the Hugo Award for Best Novel, making it the first Asian novel to do so. Liu Cixin, the author, isn’t just an imaginative writer; he’s an engineer turned author who crafts stories that make your brain do somersaults. The English translation by Ken Liu (no relation) even includes footnotes for those of us who might not be up to speed on Chinese history.

The narrative jumps through various timelines, from the Cultural Revolution to an impending alien invasion. The plot unfolds nonlinearly, making it a delightful puzzle for viewers. Expect a dose of historical drama, mixed with existential dread and alien physics. If you ever wondered what happens when you mix political turmoil with extraterrestrial contact, this series is for you.

The story isn’t just about aliens and science; it delves into human nature, power, and the consequences of our actions – both on Earth and in the far reaches of space. It’s a thought-provoking cocktail of philosophy and science fiction, shaken, not stirred.

With a reported budget that makes even the most lavish productions blush, each episode is a testament to Netflix’s commitment to bringing high-quality sci-fi to our screens. And with a trailer already making waves, the hype train has left the station.

3 Body Problem: Aliens invade Netflix, and it's not your average Sci-Fi TV show (trailer).
3 Body Problem: Aliens invade Netflix, and it’s not your average Sci-Fi TV show (trailer).


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