28 Days Later (a horror movie retrospective).

This Danny Boyle masterpiece from 2002, 28 Days Later, believes C.D., simply must be included in any rundown of British horror films that purports to be comprehensive.

Although technically speaking, 28 Days Later does not contain any zombies, it is still considered to be one of the best zombie movies that has ever been made.

After a chimpanzee with the “Rage” virus is released from a Cambridge lab by a group of animal liberation protestors, it spreads throughout Great Britain and causes hyper-aggressiveness. It quickly spreads and turns into an epidemic, leading to the dissolution of society.

Bicycle courier Jim emerges from a coma in London’s St. Thomas’ Hospital 28 days after the original epidemic, when the facility has been abandoned and disaster signs are evident (an idea later ‘borrowed’ by the Walking Dead TV series).

Jim is ambushed by infected people but is saved by Selena and Mark, two survivors. Let this rather grim game of survival begin!

28 Days Later (a horror movie retrospective).
28 Days Later (a horror movie retrospective).

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