2023 WSFA Small Press Award is now open (award news).

The Washington Science Fiction Association (aka the WSFA) has announced that the submission period for their 2023 WSFA Small Press Award is now open. The award honors small press publishers for their role in providing a platform for short fiction in the speculative fiction genre. The submission period will close on March 31, 2023, and submissions should be sent to admin@wsfasmallpressaward.org.

The award showcases the best original short fiction published by small presses in the previous year, 2022. An unusual aspect of the selection process is that all voting is done with the identity of the author and publisher hidden, so that the final choice is based solely on the quality of the story. The winner will be chosen by the members of the Washington Science Fiction Association and presented at the annual convention, Capclave, held on September 29th – October 1st, 2023 in Rockville, MD. The Small Press Award is limited to short fiction—works under 20,000 words in length—that was published by a small press.

“We are excited to open the submission period for the 2023 WSFA Small Press Award,” said a spokesperson for WSFA. “This award is an important way for us to recognize and celebrate the contributions of small press publishers in the speculative fiction genre. We look forward to reading the submissions and identifying the best short fiction of 2022.”

For more information about the award, including submission guidelines and rules, visit the WSFA Small Press Award website at http://wsfasmallpressaward.org/The_Rules.php.

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