Secret Stargate-like program found by NASA hacker.

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If you are in the UK, you may remember the saga of hacker Gary McKinnon – who hacked NASA big-time in 2002 and downloaded much of their data. He was the focus of a lot of political wrangling, as the USA wanted him extradited from Britain to the States to have the book thrown at him out there. The English legislation needed to do this, it transpired, was a fairly one-way street … e.g. no US citizen was ever going to be chucked to the wolves in the UK for doing a similar crime in the opposite direction.

In the end, after a big outcry about the unfairness of this state of affairs, Gary McKinnon’s decade-long extradition proceedings were refused after the home secretary intervened.

McKinnon was looking for evidence of Roswell-like UFO documents. It was a big news story for ten years, but lots of people wondered why the Americans were so dead-set on getting their mitts on the hacker, rather than having him jailed here in the UK. What had he found that got the U.S. government so damn worried?

Here’s one potential answer . . .

For the first time, McKinnon has spoken about what he discovered during the massive NASA hack.

UFO stuff, he didn’t actually find. But what he did come across sounds fairly interesting. An entire non-terrestrial military program – like the fictional Stargate program from the TV, but run by the navy rather than the airforce – with active deep-space warships prefaced as U.S.S., right down to such detail and minutiae as deep-space officer lists and material transfer requests between the various military starships.

Interesting. Where did the tech come from to launch these ships? And even if you accept that such a program is possible with current technology (which it actually is), why bother running an outward-facing covert space-mil program? It’s obviously not to deter Earth-bound enemies. So what’s out there that they want to guard against, but – at the same time – don’t want to panic the citizenry of Earth about?

Cue much speculation on the great silence and what it really means.

Secret Stargate-like program found by NASA hacker.

Secret Stargate-like program found by NASA hacker.

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